The PRADO STUIBER brand officially launched in December 2017 in the dynamic city of Hong Kong, where its founders / designers are currently based, and concurrently launched its first collection, ARTIKEL EINS, and the official web store. 

Where a good opportunity opens, you will find them present, armed with their craft, hard work, and dedication. 

The founders are kins to professional middle class families from Europe and Asia. 

They have been relocating for work around Asia in the last twelve years and are professionally aligned with the legal and corporate industries. 

They believe that belonging to one field should not exclude the rest, that disparate skills and passions may be integrated provided the end goals are genuine.

They are zealous travellers, for business and pleasure. 

They consider learning a constant undertaking and find that travelling enhances the learning process. 

In addition to institutionalised learning, they encourage every person to embrace real life lessons and be always true to themselves.

The past years have taught them to comprehend life’s situations more judiciously, to be receptive to changes as well as to be forbearing during occasional monotony. 

Relocation and travel revealed immense opportunities for growth, thus the emergence of Artikel Eins.


ARTIKEL EINS, the first collection of real leather bags from PRADO STUIBER, showcases function and fashion

The products are travel-inspired and designed to be multifunctional and stylish

True to your daily requirements, lifestyle, and travel needs, choose from EXPLORER, JOURNEY, PASSAGE, QUEST, and VOYAGE

For enquiries, please contact us.


"You can make seemingly disparate passions suitably integrated, so long as your heart and mind are genuine." - Christine, Co-Founder|Designer


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